Nurture through Massage

Baby massage gives you the perfect opportunity to spend relaxing one-to-one time with your baby.  It is part of a holistic approach to caring for and nurturing your baby.

The womb provides a constant sensation of being held and touch remains a key sense with babies needing to feel a similar level of connection once they are born.

With each gentle stroke your baby will feel nurtured and loved and you will gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s cues and behaviour.

Whilst promoting positive attachment, baby massage will also help reduce emotional distress, soothe and relax your baby in preparation for sleep and can help relieve symptoms associated with colic, wind and constipation.


The purpose of this course is to promote nurturing touch and communication through baby massage.   The course runs over 5 weeks and follows the well established programme of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).   

We will cover massage strokes for the whole body, a short routine to help the relief of colic, gas and constipation and some theory including behavioural states. 

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and to recap strokes and time is set aside for general discussion, where you can share experiences and ideas about different aspects of parenting whilst making new friends.

The course is offered on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting either via Zoom or in person.

Course Fees

Courses can be online or face to face (subject to lockdown restrictions).

They can be group classes or you can choose to have one-to-one sessions tailored to your needs.

If you already have a group of friends and would like to limit a course to your group that's not a problem.  You may even want to host the course at one of your homes (subject to lockdown restrictions)

Face-to-Face venues will be published below (subject to lockdown restrictions)




On-line Course

Course consists of 5 sessions over 5 weeks,
 each session lasting approximately 1 hour 
Price includes oil and handouts
Size of group is usually 5 parent/baby 

For one-to-one 
or your own personal group course

Please contact Deb using the link below 

Current Availability

Currently awaiting refurbishment of The Old Exchange, Ulgham

Please contact if you already have a venue, or would like arrange a course with friends in your own home




We’re really enjoying it.  Never done baby massage before.  It’s helping me bond too

I found the relaxation at the start of the class beneficial, it helped to put me in the right frame of mind and ground myself for quality time with baby

I feel it improves her quality of sleep, she wakes less

Really enjoyed and found Deb very personable. She was also very knowledgeable and had a wide experience with babies which was helpful

It was easy to follow and informative, including a bit of theory as well as the massage techniques

My baby loves his massages and a tummy massage particularly helps if he has any trapped wind

Baby enjoys the calmness that massage seems to bring

It's been really useful as she has eczema all over and using her eczema cream as the massage ointment is helpful as she seems less wriggly when it's enjoyable for her!

Deb was fantastic at making sure we could all see and understanding that babies have their own agenda so sometimes we could only watch and learn rather than join in at the time

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